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Fletcher Living Immersive Room

The story of Three Kings

Fletcher Living, one of New Zealand’s most prolific residential builders, have embarked on a multi-year plan to build up to 1,500 homes on a former quarry site in Three Kings. As an integral part of their comprehensive sales campaign, Fletcher Living has developed an exceptional on-site display suite. This suite features a 360-degree circular immersive room that serves as a central hub for storytelling. The content within this space evolves throughout the duration of the project, offering an engaging and dynamic narrative experience. One to One Hundred collaborated with Buchan Group and Propmill to provide the narrative and content expertise, while maintaining a high standard of technical execution.

The user journey was thoughtfully designed to emulate chapters in a compelling narrative, allowing for an immersive introduction to the Three Kings development. As visitors navigate through each layer of the experience, they are skilfully guided through an increasingly intricate story, effortlessly transporting them into the realm of their prospective future homes. The interactive touchscreen interface enables both users and sales agents to dictate the pace of the story, allowing for a personalised and engaging experience. The tale of Three Kings unfolds through a blend of animation, photography, videography, 3D visualisation, archive photography, voiceovers, and curated soundtracks.

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