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Exhibit A

The culmination of exquisite craftmanship

Exhibit A is a boutique distillery, renowned for its craftsmanship and their exquisite handmade bottles designed by acclaimed local ceramicist, Gidon Bing. Drawing inspiration from the Italian Renaissance, these artisanal bottles, comprised of a sphere and cylinder, pay homage to the belief that beauty is derived from the harmonious interplay of geometric ratios and proportions.

In our collaborative animation with Exhibit A, our focus was to create captivating digital content that celebrates the sculptural bottle as a work of art in its own right. Inspired by the grandeur of Renaissance architecture, we designed a rotunda-style gallery space, featuring a magnified rendition of the bottle at its focal point. Through skilful manipulation of scale, colour, and form, we imbued the iconic bottle design with new dimensions and symbolic meaning.

Within the circular corridor, the narrative unfolds, revealing the intricate process behind the creation of each bottle. Ceramic moulds symbolise the painstaking slip-cast technique employed to achieve the final form. Thoughtfully designed seating, lighting, and details serve as playful interpretations of the cylinder and sphere, expertly guiding viewers toward the awe-inspiring central space where the bottle takes on the guise of a monolithic sculpture.

Our captivating moving image embodies an enigmatic and seductive allure, inviting viewers to perceive Exhibit A as an immersive experience rather than a mere product. This project seamlessly integrates art direction, architectural visualisation, product modelling, and environmental design, making it an endeavour both challenging and immensely rewarding.

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Interior Design:


3D Animation
Art Direction
Set Design
Product Modelling
Birdseye view 3D render of Exhibit A experiential space
Detail 3D rendering of Exhibit A experiential space
Portrait render of Exhibit A experiential space
Wide angle interior visualisation of Exhibit A experiential space
Interior rendering of Exhibit A experiential space
Close in detail render of Exhibit A experiential space
Vignette 3D render of Exhibit A experiential space
Close in detail render of Exhibit A experiential space
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