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Mitre 10

From Alpine to Urban

With the aim of reducing the footprint of their in-store displays, Mitre 10 approached One to One Hundred about digitising their kitchen, bathroom and laundry ranges. We were tasked with creating multiple render angles of five kitchen layouts; two bathroom layouts; and a single laundry for four different styles: Alpine, Coastal, Country and Metro - a total of 88 images including wide angles and vignettes.

Space Studio provided a base model for each scene and a list of material, appliance and fitting specifications from which our team custom-modelled all of the appliances, lights, fixtures and fittings. We brought each scene to life by building out the surrounding architecture and environment, and carefully dressing each scene with furniture and homeware suitable to each of the four styles. The result is a comprehensive overview of what can be achieved in the various styles, and how a cohesive look can be achieved across your kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

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