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25 Tirotai Exterior Courtyard Render with Outdoor Furniture and Native Plants


Designer heating solutions

Rinnai, a renowned leader in heating appliances, commissioned One to One Hundred to develop two distinct render sets featuring their new gas fire ranges: Novo and Linear. The Novo range offers three unique configurations - Inbuilt, Cube, and Freestander - and we crafted scenes to showcase each unit within a specific home style. In addition, we tailored versions of the images for the Australian market, adjusting the outdoor foliage to reflect the native flora.

The Linear render set highlights the different sizes and the option of a double-sided fire. Our objective was to create environments that accurately represented specific architectural styles: villa, contemporary townhouse, and penthouse. To achieve impeccable realism, our team skilfully integrated modelled logs atop photographs and applied them as textures. This approach ensured a faithful representation of the fires.

As with all our 3D product projects, our collaboration with Rinnai provided a cost-effective and streamlined alternative to an elaborate and expensive staged photoshoot. By leveraging our expertise, we delivered high-quality visuals that perfectly showcased the features and aesthetics of the heating appliances.

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Interior Design:


Interior Styling
Art Direction
Set Design
Interior 3D Rendering of a Rinnai Novo Cube fireplace in contemporary setting
Product Rendering of a Rinnai Novo Freestanding fireplace in cabin setting
3D Visualisation of a Rinnai Linear 800 fireplace in modern villa setting
3D render of a Rinnai Linear double-sided fireplace in Alpine setting
Product Visualisation of a Rinnai Linear 1000 fireplace in contemporary setting
Architectural Visualisation of a Rinnai Linear fireplace in modern living room
3D Visualisation of a Rinnai Linear double-sided fireplace in penthouse setting
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