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25 Tirotai Exterior Courtyard Render with Outdoor Furniture and Native Plants

280 Central

The new centre of the city

Situated in the heart of the Auckland CBD, 280 Central is a mixed-use commercial precinct developed by Stonewood Group. Stonewood’s vision was to reinvent the original 1970’s tower into a premium commercial hub that revitalises Queen Street’s underutilised midtown quarter.

Our challenge was to create a brand that captures the remarkable metamorphosis of 280 Queen Street into a magnetic and pivotal destination within the Auckland CBD. Targeting forward-thinking businesses poised to seize the opportunities presented by a transforming city-centre, our strategy was to position the development at the epicentre of urban activity and dynamic change. Our approach involved crafting a unique brand that embraces the concept of being at the focal point, embodying the progressive and aspirational mindset of a community making a lasting impact - an audience we refer to as "centrally-minded."

Our brand identity exudes distinction and draws inspiration from the world of technology, utilising a subdued colour palette punctuated with vibrant accents. This aesthetic choice captures the essence of design innovation and sustainability, both key attributes of 280 Central. Throughout the brand, we employ a simple graphic language focused around the idea of being at "the centre." Our verbal language revolves tightly around the core concept of the location, employing keywords that assert the notion of "central" at every opportunity.

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Interior Design:


Brand Identity
Art Direction
3D Visualisation
Marketing Literature
Website Development & Design
3D Render of 280 Central from Khartoum Place
iPad Mockup of 280 Central website
Concept Interior Render of 280 Central office space
Photo of 280 Central brochure spread
Photo of 280 Central brochure cover with diecut and holographic foil
3D Interior Render of 280 Central shared facilities concept
Hoarding design for 280 Central
Concept 3D Render of 280 Central roof terrace
Signage design for 280 Central
3D Interior Render of 280 Central cafe concept
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