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A community-first real estate agency

Auranga Residential Estates (ARE) is a boutique real estate agency operating solely within the extensive and master-planned community of Auranga in Drury.

Auranga was founded on our client's four pillars for a better city: Economy (the joy of generosity), Sociology (the security of belonging), Ecology (the goodness in creation), and Anthropology (the dignity in serving). These pillars transform Auranga into more than just a development or subdivision; they cultivate a better way of living.

Our clients, the developers of Auranga, presented us with the challenge of creating a brand strategy and visual identity that would align ARE with Auranga's well-crafted brand DNA, whilst reframing the typical transactional real estate experience by prioritising people over profit. Together, we envisioned ARE as the guiding force, concierge, caretaker, and storyteller of Auranga, encapsulated by our strapline: "We are Auranga. We are Community."

The brand utilises three logo variations including an acronym wordmark – this enabled us to deliver messaging that was strongly on-brand. Our brand also includes a master pattern and four sub-patterns, each representing a pillar: Economy, symbolised by opposing shapes coming together to transact; Sociology, represented by intersecting shapes forming a unified community; Ecology, depicted by horizontal layers representing the harmony of earth, sky, and water; and Anthropology, celebrated through a bridge symbolising foundation and connection.

A bold, visual identity featuring an interplay of unorthodox colours and geometric patterns help to position ARE as a disruptor in an otherwise corporate real estate landscape. The ARE brand is an antithesis to this; instead, it is innately human – visuals are imbued with a sense of playfulness whilst reflecting the diversity of the Auranga community. By creating an extensive palette paired with playful geometry, an implicit familiarity and humility is conveyed in form. The resulting visual language is flexible and adaptive, proving to be robust across different uses.

The Auranga Centre serves as the local headquarters for ARE and embodies the essence of the brand: friendly, eccentric, and humble. This spirit comes to life through the corrugated walls of a 20FT container. Inside, the striking exterior gives way to a simple, gallery-style room where each element has been carefully selected to represent a pillar. The bespoke, pill-shaped table, symbolising Anthropology, is a harmonious blend of form and function, incorporating practical and concealed storage. The toetoe, regularly refreshed from coastal planting, adorns a beautiful Echasse vase, representing Ecology. The touchscreen, used for sales presentations, embodies Economy, while the framed "Champions of Auranga" represents Sociology.

Symbolically located in the heart of Village Square, the Auranga Centre serves as a billboard, workplace, display suite, and layered symbol of the intrinsic connection between ARE and this extraordinary community.

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