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Rewarded living

Developers HR Group engaged One to One Hundred to craft a distinguished luxury brand for a boutique residential project nestled in the historic suburb of Parnell, Auckland. Catering to a sophisticated and affluent customer demographic, the developers presented us with the challenge of creating a brand that would uniquely and elegantly resonate with this discerning audience.

Our strategic approach for Elysian centred around the concept of "rewarded living" – the aspiration of attaining a well-deserved lifestyle after a lifetime of hard-earned achievements. The brand's essence exuded elegance and refinement, employing exquisite, high-quality materials to convey the development's premium status. With architectural design by Crosson Architects and interior design by Sarah Foote, meticulous attention was given to materiality and intricate craftsmanship, an underlying theme that permeated throughout the various touchpoints of the brand.

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