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PB&A (Paul Brown Architects) is a leading architecture firm specialising in multi-unit residential design. With a period of substantial staff expansion and a renewed vision and direction for the practice, the need arose for a new website to effectively communicate their offerings, positioning, and company culture. We undertook the responsibility of overseeing the project from inception to completion.

In an industry often associated with exclusivity, our strategic approach for the new website aimed to shift the focus towards PB&A's human-centred values. We skilfully transformed intricate information into clear and concise language, conveying a sense of approachability. Additionally, through considered art direction of photography and videography, we highlighted the diversity and collaborative culture thriving within PB&A. This approach was executed through user experience design, emphasising a seamless and intuitive journey that allows visitors to comfortably explore, understand, and absorb the content at their own pace.

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