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Point & Miller

Welcoming a future community

Point & Miller represents a distinctive boutique development comprising 22 apartments, strategically positioned on the corner of Miller Street and Point Chevalier Road. One to One Hundred was engaged by the developer to create a comprehensive range of brand assets for its highly anticipated public launch.

With the introduction of the Unitary Plan and the subsequent emergence of various apartment developments in Point Chevalier, we recognised the importance of addressing potential concerns regarding densification and its impact on public perception. Our primary challenge was to ensure that the brand not only resonated with the wider community but also contributed to the unique character of the neighbourhood.

Central to our design approach was the conveyance of a positive and inclusive message that fostered a sense of neighbourliness. The phrase "Welcome to the Fold" was crafted to encapsulate multiple layers of meaning. Beyond the act of purchasing a home, buyers were encouraged to embrace the notion of joining two distinct communities — the longstanding Point Chevalier community and the emerging community within the development itself.

The thematic foundation of our design was rooted in the building's striking stepped vertical terracotta exterior, which grants Point & Miller its distinctive facade. Employing a thoughtful and material-focused mindset, we aimed to transcend "Welcome to the Fold" from a mere tagline to a physically manifested concept, ensuring that our design outcomes embodied the essence of a fold.

Our comprehensive scope encompassed the creation of branded assets including brochures and display suite design, designed to engage potential buyers. In addition, we curated a compact, locally-focused guide called "The Fold," intended to generate widespread public awareness of the project through targeted distribution within the community.

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