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25 Tirotai Exterior Courtyard Render with Outdoor Furniture and Native Plants

Providence Point

Live under the care of nature

Providence Point is a development site situated on a vast coastal expanse, forming an integral part of Auranga - a substantial housing precinct to the west of Drury in Auckland. Developed by Made Group, the vision for Providence Point encompasses a harmonious haven where wisdom, warmth, and hospitality converge, allowing residents to forge lasting homes within an incredible natural landscape.

Guided by this vision, our mission was to develop a brand that not only reflects Made Group's aspirations but also strikes a chord with the prospective residents who play a pivotal role in transforming this vision into reality. Drawing inspiration from the essence of "providence," our brand encapsulates the essence of Auranga - a sense of community brimming with warmth and bolstered by an unwavering connection to nature and the verdant surroundings. The Providence Point brand exudes an air of tranquillity and introspection, inviting moments of pause and reflection. Art-directed photography and CGIs harmoniously intertwine against a backdrop of soothing hues, drawing inspiration from the adjacent eco-islands. The logo, thoughtfully crafted within the divine ratio, evokes a sense of equilibrium and serenity, a theme that reverberates throughout the visual identity and across all touchpoints of the brand.

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