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Risland Albany

Albany on the rise

Risland Albany is a large-scale apartment development in Auckland’s North Shore, situated in close proximity to Westfield Albany. One to One Hundred had the privilege of being selected by the client to craft an exceptional branding experience that includes a display suite for this project.

Albany has experienced substantial growth in high-density commercial and residential projects, aligning with Auckland Council's long-term plan for area intensification. Risland Albany capitalises on this growth, positioning itself as an appealing investment opportunity within the thriving Auckland property market. Our strategic approach involved presenting Risland Albany as a project distinguished by its enduring design, perfectly timed to enter the market during a pivotal phase of Albany's rapid expansion.

The tagline "Albany on the Rise" encapsulates this concept, with a deliberate emphasis on evocative and vibrant colours throughout the brand collateral and display suite. Colour choices were carefully selected to evoke emotional and psychological responses, with a strategic application of colour symbolism and visual hierarchy. The display suite incorporates colour-blocking, tabbing, and layering techniques to enhance the layout's impact and reinforce the message of upward growth.

The resulting design exudes depth and sophistication, effectively communicating a brand that carries significant weight. Since its launch in February 2020, the project has achieved impressive sales, with over 50% of apartments already sold.

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