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The Foundry

Adaptable Modern Workspaces

The Foundry comprises 38 light-industrial units thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of a burgeoning market: small businesses seeking commercial spaces that offer the functional advantages of an industrial warehouse without the associated size and costs. While light commercial units are typically geared towards storage or trade businesses, our strategic approach with The Foundry aimed to redefine the perception of these utilitarian concrete units. We sought to attract a diverse range of businesses, such as online retailers, boutique manufacturers, and specialised service providers, by showcasing their versatility and presenting the units as modern, adaptable workspaces.

Our objective for the brand was to convey a sense of opportunity and potential. Graphically, we achieved this by incorporating a contemporary twist on elements commonly associated with commercial and industrial sectors. The iconic roller door, ubiquitous in light-industrial warehouses, served as a prominent symbol of our message: what lies beyond the roller door is a world of boundless possibilities. Our narrative was further supported by a series of thoughtfully crafted 3D renders showcasing various businesses utilising the units in unique and inspiring ways, each exuding its own distinct personality.

Beyond architectural enhancements, we also implemented cost-effective environmental solutions, transforming the unremarkable concrete structure into a captivating exterior that fosters a strong sense of place.

The Foundry resonated strongly with its intended audience, with an impressive 80% of units sold within a week of the launch, even amid the challenging circumstances of Covid-19 Level 2 restrictions.

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