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The Juliet

A legacy project for Milford

The Juliet is an apartment development situated in the serene coastal suburb of Milford in Auckland’s North Shore. Conceived by Core City Group, a family-owned development company, every aspect of this project was infused with care and passion. The decision to name the building after a cherished family member not only reflects their profound pride in the undertaking but also signifies the enduring legacy they bestow upon the city.

Drawing inspiration from its evocative name and idyllic location, we crafted a brand concept that drew upon the timeless tale of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, evoking a sense of whimsical charm within our narrative.

The visual identity of The Juliet harmoniously blends elegant contemporary serifs with distinctive drop caps, employing a centred grid system reminiscent of traditional novels. This sophisticated design, coupled with a warm and feminine colour palette, imbues The Juliet with an allure and distinctive appeal.

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Interior Design:


Brand Identity
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