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25 Tirotai Exterior Courtyard Render with Outdoor Furniture and Native Plants


A tantalising tropical escape

Nestled in the pristine Savusavu Bay, across from Fiji's second largest island, Vanua Levu, Nawi Island is a haven of refined luxury. This exclusive enclave features a superyacht marina, private yacht club, indulgent spa and resort, and luxurious freehold residences. During the initial stages of construction, while shaping the marina, our expertise was enlisted to create captivating aerial overview images, showcasing the envisioned beauty of the island.

Our detailed process involved meticulously modelling the entire island, including its lush vegetation, inviting beaches, tranquil lagoon, well-designed roads, elegant homes, architecturally distinctive buildings, and the impressive marina. Drawing upon early sketch concepts provided by a talented Fijian architect, we breathed life into the resort, infusing it with additional architectural detailing and our artistic flair. Through our dedicated efforts, we skilfully transformed abstract ideas into visual representations that capture the essence of Nawi Island's allure.

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Interior Design:


3D Renders
Large Terrain Site Modelling
Aerial overview render of NAWI Island Resort in Fiji
Aerial overview render of NAWI Marina in Fiji
Concept 3D render of NAWI Marina Resort in Fiji
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